Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Straight out of Accra

So, I am a second generation Ghanaian who spends winter clothed in black, navy, grey and perhaps a splash of beige if I am feeling daring, but every summer I am reborn as an African queen (or perhaps a just very delusional version of myself) because come those hazy hot days, I don my traditional Ghanaian prints. Whenever my parents travel back to Ghana or manage I take a holiday there, I go straight to the dressmaker and get a chic summer ensemble made out of a traditional, bold print and for me it’s the ONLY way to wear colour. I have been doing this for several years now and am never short of compliment when one of my "home-grown" creations is on display, whether I'm in London or the little village of Rudloe.

Last week I was thrilled to receive a message about the über-talented Aba Sasaako http://www.sasaako.com/ a fellow Ghanaian who has recently launched her own dress line to compliment her successful homeware and accessories collections (all in an array of fabulous Ghanaian prints). The dress styles are pared back and chic, letting the prints speak for themselves. Definitely a summer wardrobe essential and hell teamed with an over-sized blazer and opaques can even work for the cooler seasons. Beautiful!

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