Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fashion in Motion...Literally.

I (with my designer friend Paddy) was lucky enough to get second row seated tickets for the V&A's Fashion in Motion event, which took place this past Friday. Showcasing was non-other than CSM alumni member Osman Yousefzada, who has been getting a few column inches in the last few weeks thanks to Sarah Brown wearing one of his classically draped dresses the day Gordon said goodbye to being Prime Minister...She looked so cool, which was surprising.

Anyway the last time I went to a Fashion in Motion event was 2005, so I was very excited to say the least. The V&A is hands down my favourite London Museum and they really support fashion and respect it as a kind of art. The Osman show opened with a duo of talented dancers and the collection had a tribal beat throughout. HUGE envelope pink clutch bags were a favourite of mine, as were the bejewelled shimmering wedge heels. The collection was classic Osman, full of his signature draped pieces in an array of bold colour. I have to say Fashion in Motion has been my favourite way to spend an afternoon of 2010 so far...I recommend it! Keep you eyes peeled for the next one but till then check out a few of my favourite shots.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Straight out of Accra

So, I am a second generation Ghanaian who spends winter clothed in black, navy, grey and perhaps a splash of beige if I am feeling daring, but every summer I am reborn as an African queen (or perhaps a just very delusional version of myself) because come those hazy hot days, I don my traditional Ghanaian prints. Whenever my parents travel back to Ghana or manage I take a holiday there, I go straight to the dressmaker and get a chic summer ensemble made out of a traditional, bold print and for me it’s the ONLY way to wear colour. I have been doing this for several years now and am never short of compliment when one of my "home-grown" creations is on display, whether I'm in London or the little village of Rudloe.

Last week I was thrilled to receive a message about the über-talented Aba Sasaako a fellow Ghanaian who has recently launched her own dress line to compliment her successful homeware and accessories collections (all in an array of fabulous Ghanaian prints). The dress styles are pared back and chic, letting the prints speak for themselves. Definitely a summer wardrobe essential and hell teamed with an over-sized blazer and opaques can even work for the cooler seasons. Beautiful!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

This is an Alaia...An Awhatta?

Before Clueless I don't think i really knew who Azzedine Alaia was. Thanks to Cher being held at gunpoint, my fashion knowledge subsequently expanded and let's be honest what 13-year old girl wouldn't be obsessed with that iconic red mini dress worn to "the party in the Valley." So Azzedine Alaia's stunning accessories have joined fashion ecommerce elite and are FINALLY available to buy at Net-a-porter. What took them so long?! Hottest piece available now? It's got to be these wedge-boots begging to be in my life for the summer...Anyone want to shout me?

Friday, 7 May 2010

Have we Met?

So, I know I am a little late on my Met "American Woman" ball opinions but I was giving myself time to digest! After some deep analysis here are my absolute top 3. Oh and please note they are all wearing American designers, Anna Wintour in Chanel Couture?! I don't think so...Enjoy!

3rd Place: Brazilian Bombshell and an American beauty. Gisele in super hot Alex Wang with her brutally hot hubby, proved to be a match made in fashion heaven. I'm not jealous.

2nd Place: Ok, so this may be strapless (usually dangerously dull), but this is like a work of art. Frilly yet sexy, sculptural but not pretentious and a collobo with Gap no less! Thakoon. Riley Keogh. Gap. I salute you. Available at a Gap near you soon...Errrmm no.

1st Place: Chanel Iman looked amazing and blew all the competition out of the water, well she is a model. This daring molten jumpsuit from Michael Kors is so much more interesting than the (yawn) ubiquitous strapless ballgown...I'm looking at you Eva Longoria.