Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fashion in Motion...Literally.

I (with my designer friend Paddy) was lucky enough to get second row seated tickets for the V&A's Fashion in Motion event, which took place this past Friday. Showcasing was non-other than CSM alumni member Osman Yousefzada, who has been getting a few column inches in the last few weeks thanks to Sarah Brown wearing one of his classically draped dresses the day Gordon said goodbye to being Prime Minister...She looked so cool, which was surprising.

Anyway the last time I went to a Fashion in Motion event was 2005, so I was very excited to say the least. The V&A is hands down my favourite London Museum and they really support fashion and respect it as a kind of art. The Osman show opened with a duo of talented dancers and the collection had a tribal beat throughout. HUGE envelope pink clutch bags were a favourite of mine, as were the bejewelled shimmering wedge heels. The collection was classic Osman, full of his signature draped pieces in an array of bold colour. I have to say Fashion in Motion has been my favourite way to spend an afternoon of 2010 so far...I recommend it! Keep you eyes peeled for the next one but till then check out a few of my favourite shots.

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