Wednesday, 30 September 2009

This must be underwater love

First of all apologies for the seriously dubious photos! These were taken in a manic hurry with my dodgwa camera-phone. For some better ones check out:,8490 Anyhow during London Fashion Week I attended a lot of Off-Schedule catwalk shows, which were just beautiful. This was my hands down favourite collection from the craziest week ever courtesy of Ramon Gurrilo, a wonderfully talented Spanish designer who specialises in knitwear. I just felt his collection was so appropriate for the coming spring, thanks to all the underwater themes and mermaid references running through many an international collection (check Proenza, Julien MacDonald and Donna Karan for further evidence). There were gold and black shell bracelets clustered around the wrists and some of Gurrilo's knitted eveningwear looked as if the models were tangled up in seaweed or emerging from the ocean for their land debut, Daryl Hannah style in Splash! Mer-chic. Who knew?

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