Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Thank you Mr Geiger. Thank you.

A fashion mission is a very difficult business. It usually consists of a manic like panic to retrieve a specific piece, which the person concerned feels they:

a.) Cannot live without

b.) Can justify spending undisclosed amounts of money on

c.) Will happily cry in public if said piece cannot be located

I underwent such a trauma over the last weekend in my crusade to get the perfect pair of open-toe shoeboots, which I am convinced came about thanks to obsessing over many a Ricardo Tisci Givenchy collection. My open-toe shoeboot fixation was satisfied thanks to the wondrous Kurt Geiger in the shape of the "Caden" boot. With my fashion mission now behind me I think my emotional journey was worth it. Check the pic for further proof. Have you ever experienced a fashion mission?

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