Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Leggings, meggings, treggings, jeggings. Make. It. Stop?

What is it about the legging that makes them so unfathomably appealing? Is it the way they match with absolutely everything? The ease of them in comparison to your skinny jeans, which quite frankly are starting to feel like heavy sandpaper in the absence of your trusty leggings or jeggings or treggings (tick the appropriate option)? But seriously as much as they are loved they may well have to go, as delicious as the Christopher Kane for Topshop mirrored options are...Hmmm.

The real question is what do you replace your leggings with?! Just follow Lady Gaga's example and wear...well nowt. Ok, make that some opaques teamed with delightful statement big pants. Beware, this look is only suitable for the drunk.


Diva Divine said...

Apparently they're not just for women:
Where will it end?!

Adjyg said...

Who knows? Something tells me leggings will define noughties fashion...sigh.