Saturday, 19 March 2011

Floral Bursts and Colour Inspiration

Jigsaw obviously felt it was their time to blossom since the weather has peaked in the last few days and during my typical Bath shopping mooch I headed to the gorgeous refurbished old post office Jigsaw store and was more impressed with the VM than the clothing (although I did spot a rather arresting straw hat that caught my eye... ) Straw hats aside, the crazy bloom arrangement heads really made my day (and evoked a bit of a surreal Viktor and Rolf feel) all the colour reminded me that I need to stop dressing in navy, denim and khaki 24-7. Dreary colours do not a stylish fashion girl make, saying that I ended up buying a black skinny knit midi dress from Gap, but it's hot and black is always cool in the summer...Yeah right.

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