Sunday, 9 January 2011

Get yourself a GiltMan

I am 100% a high fashion womenswear chick. Love it, live it, wish I could afford it (Lanvin please). Although there are times when I go in to menswear mode, especially as dressing my fantasy boyfriend to perfection is a favourite past-time of mine. Ha! So i was pretty pleased to discover that menswear hottie/Editor/In Closet alumni Josh Peskowitz had moved from to Gilt MANual , a serious fashion site for dudes. Written by the coolest fashion men writers alive (Jared Flint, Andy Comer and the aforementioned Peskowitz) with Tyler Thoreson at the helm. I absolutely love the site. It is written sharply, makes me laugh and is so intelligent and fun....In dedication to the GiltMANual I decided to post some photos of Josh Peskowitz as he is always impeccably dressed and is basically hot. In the words of Drake: You can thank me now.

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