Sunday, 12 December 2010

The 4 steps to Leather Legging Nirvana

Vogue UK have announced in the recent January issue, that the stylish woman should be binning all "gings" i.e leggings, jeggings and treggings. I have chosen to reject such foolishness and just purchased the hottest leather(-ette he he) leggings ever, courtesy of I have always been a Zara fan but ever since they went online there has been so much to lust after. I love the fact this pair has a sweet two-tone touch (knitted at the back, smooth at the front) and a total snip at 20 quid. I heart them, they're my new winter BF. Want a piece of the action? Here's how you get to leather legging Nirvana.

1. Receive austere yet chic Zara box.

2. Open box to reveal your beautifully wrapped purchase.

3. Try on new purchase and strut for the camera.

4. Strut again.

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