Saturday, 13 November 2010

The M&S Story



Around the month of July, as a typical fashion lover, I started to focus on my A/W wardrobe. The usual pieces popped in to my mind as essentials: The statement knit, A chunky wedge boot, a peg-leg trouser, but something special emerged, which I decided was a must have piece for my look: The black leather dirndl. The skirt in question was from the humble M&S and a decent price at £99, the countdown had begun and the skirt was destined to be mine. Unfortunately the dream ended as a nightmare, after several months of delays and push backs the once stunning sleek black skirt (obviously a press sample) had transformed into a kind of ugly burgundy/brown monstrosity with a hideous hem. Leather skirt obsession over.


Leeny said...

Hahaha! Hilarious! What an absolute nightmare, this skirt had alot of press. Complete FAIL for M&S!

Adjyg said...

I know. Too depressing for words what will I obsess over now?!